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Wholy Dose can be used by all skin and hair types to help you achieve healthier skin, hair, nails – as well as immunity, digestion, gut, joints, muscles, metabolism & more.*

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Why Customers Love Wholy Dose

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Dr. Ari Kasprowicz Calhoun

Naturopathic Doctor

“As a Doctor who specialized in dermatology and now works with many mamas, I often get asked how to naturally support aging skin. Collagen & silica are my top recommendations and Wholy Dose combines these powerful ingredients into delicious superfood drinks. The formulas are clean and sweeteners won't drive up insulin. I'm thrilled to introduce these as a safe and effective way to support skin and hair!"

Dr. Shaakira Haywood


“Wholy Dose's Matcha Beauty Superfood Powder is a dream product! It provides sustained energy, clarity and focus.

The Matcha Beauty Superfood Powder also elevates mood, all while providing the body with essential nutrients. This product is a staple!”

Nikki Ostrower

Integrative Nutritionist

“I'm a huge fan of Wholy Dose for myself and clients! All the ingredients are 100% REAL and have healing benefits from boosting your immune system to healing the gut and much more! I drink the Matcha every morning and throw the Cacao into smoothies and chocolate pudding. Look no further, Wholy Dose is a brand you can trust and is in integrity with your health and wellness.”