Pure, Clean, Clinically Supported By Science

Meet the Wholy Grail

We believe that beauty and health work best when they're supported by science, and science agrees. Which, is why we source clean, high-quality ingredients backed by science that work collaboratively better when taken together.


A powerful protein that gives our body structure to keep skin hydrated and plump, brighten complexion, reduce wrinkles, strengthen hair and nails, tighten cellulite, and support immune, gut, digestive, metabolic, muscle, joint, and bone health.*

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Biotin (also known as vitamin B or vitamin H) is an essential nutrient that plays a vital role in strengthening hair and nails by supporting keratin. Biotin also helps convert food into energy production and offers support in immune function.*

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Horsetail, a powerful herb, has silica and antioxidant compounds to aid with the synthesis of collagen production. It enhances hair and nail health, improves skin elasticity and smoothness, and supports the immune system and bone health.*

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Superfoods For Added Benefits

We added superfoods to boost benefits in your overall health, mental well-being, and skin and hair. Plus, they taste delicious–naturally.


A potent green tea made from the entire green tea leaf for a plethora of antioxidant and chlorophyll properties.* Matcha helps reduce inflammation, support immune health and metabolism, cleanse the body, reduce everyday stress, increase mental clarity and cognitive performance, and bring sustained energy while stimulating relaxation.*

Found In: MATCHA Beauty Superfood Powder and MATCHA Beauty Superfood Packets

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Chocolate, but good for you. Cacao is a powerhouse of anti-aging and antioxidant properties.* It helps protect the skin from free radicals, restore damaged skin cells, improve skin elasticity, reduce everyday stress, boost mood, and combat fatigue.* Additionally, cacao contains nutrients like iron, zinc, and magnesium, which are known to promote relaxation, better sleep quality, and improved libido (sexual drive).*

Found In: CACAO Beauty Superfood Powder

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We Believe In Clean, Responsible Beauty & Health

All of our products are formulated with clean, top-quality ingredients that are tested for safety and high purity–and sustainably sourced.

No Binders Or Synthetic Colors

No Added Sugar

No Gluten

No Soy

No Dairy

Made With ♥︎ In The USA