Everything You Need To Feel Whole, In One Dose

Beauty + Health Supported By Science, Driven By Results

Wholy Dose is a unique formula of science-backed supplements, giving you everything you need to sip your way towards noticeably better beauty, health and wellness, all in one dose.

Clean, pure, without compromise: We took the time to source the highest quality ingredients that work holistically together to maximize results, all backed by science – providing you with the results you deserve, without compromising the taste or means of getting there.

A New Standard Of Beauty, On Your Terms

We needed a new standard for beauty, so we created one. At Wholy Dose, we're redefining beauty: what beauty means, looks like, and should feel like.

Traditional beauty products weren't doing us any good. They all tried to cover up or change who we are, instead of improving what's on the inside, and pledged promising results, only to be disappointed by no results.

Wholy Dose is more than a beauty product, we're challenging unrealistic beauty standards, because you’re the only person who can define your beauty. Beauty not founded in comparison, but self-acceptance, self-progress, and self-love.

Our products help you achieve self-acceptance, through supplementing the natural beautifying and healthy properties already in you, and self-progress, through the continuous journey of nourishing your body while improving yourself inside and out, ultimately achieving self-love, so you can feel beautiful and confident in your own skin and body–at all times.

Start getting results you deserve to feel healthy on the inside, and radiant on the outside.

Meet Our Founder, Gina

I spent most of my life trying to change how I looked—I longed for perfect skin, thicker hair and longer lashes. This notion of wanting to look different simply because I wasn’t satisfied with my genetics led me to wear makeup whenever I left the house, even to answer the door.

After 10 years of trying countless products, hoping one would deliver the results it promised to make me feel whole on the inside and out, nothing I tried, including topicals, vitamins, and even changing my diet, gave me the results I craved.

Not giving up, I began to research and experiment with different supplement blends in my kitchen, and tested them on myself until I discovered a formula that finally gave me those results.

That formula is what Wholy Dose is today, what we call our Wholy Grail.

For the first time in my life, my skin health improved, hair thickened, lashes grew longer, nails stopped breaking, and digestion and immune system strengthened significantly–overturning a lifetime of daily stomach aches and semi-annual colds.

For once, I was happy in my own skin and stopped comparing myself with others–even on my bad days. Instead, I started to focus on continuing to improve myself in a natural, holistic way.

I then realized beauty isn’t about looking the best, it’s about looking and feeling your best. You already have everything you need to feel beautiful and whole from the inside and outside, we’re just here to bring that out through supplementation.

With Love,
Gina Nguyen Holzer