How Much Biotin Do I Need for My Hair to Grow?

How Much Biotin Do I Need for My Hair to Grow?


Biotin (also known as vitamin B-7 and vitamin H) is an essential nutrient found naturally in food. Biotin helps support your metabolism by breaking down cabs, proteins, and fat. Foods rich in biotin include eggs, cauliflower, salmon, cucumber, and avocado. Biotin is commonly known as a supplement taken for hair and nail growth.

Most people consume the daily recommended amount of biotin from their regular diet, so it’s uncommon to have a biotin deficiency. 

However, everybody is different and some may need more biotin than the daily recommended amount in order for their hair and nails to grow. People take biotin supplements that contain higher doses to benefit their hair and nails significantly. This is why biotin supplements are commonly referred to as “hair food,” since one of the noticeable effects of biotin is increased hair growth when taking it daily.

Does Biotin Work For Hair Growth?

It is widely agreed by doctors and scalp specialists that biotin helps hair grow stronger, quicker, and thicker. The benefit of biotin for hair growth is that it causes stronger and healthier hair follicles to grow in. In turn, stronger hair is less likely to break – ultimately protecting your hair’s length. 

Biotin also promotes hair growth and regrowth in those who are experiencing hair thinning, hair loss, or are having it hard to grow out their hair. This process can take time with consuming the supplement daily for a period of 4-6 weeks minimum to a few months for optimal hair growth.

How Much Biotin Should I Take To Grow My Hair?

The amount of biotin suggested for hair growth usually ranges between 100 - 1,000 micrograms (mcg) daily, but this number varies based on your body’s reaction to biotin. There are many biotin supplements on the market that offer an extremely high dosage – up to 5,000 or 10,000 mcg – but this high amount is usually not needed.

Being inconsistent with biotin (or any supplement you take) will vary your results and may not show any results at all. Results will not happen overnight so it’s important you stay consistent with your biotin vitamin regimen, especially for hair growth.

The suggested amount of biotin you should take differs. While 5,000 mcg of biotin may work well for some people, for the most part, that may be too high for others who find that 200 mcg of biotin helps their hair grow. 

Look for a biotin vitamin that doesn’t contain a ridiculously high dose amount like 10,000 mcg – this is usually excessive. For hair growth, we recommend opting for a biotin supplement that contains anywhere from 300 mcg to 1,000 mcg. You will begin to see results after 4-8 weeks, or long-term results after a few months. Biotin has been shown to also increase nail and eyelash growth, and can aid as an eczema treatment as well.

For best results in your hair growth, go for a biotin supplement that contains other hair growth boosting ingredients such as collagen or silica, like Wholy Dose supplements that contain collagen peptides, biotin, and silica.

If you are unsure of the right biotin dose for you, research what are the best biotin vitamins and biotin supplement brands, go on their website and see if they have had any proven results from customers, like Wholy Dose’s before and after hair growth photos.

In other cases, alopecia has also responded positively when using biotin. When using biotin to treat a medical condition, be sure to consult your doctor first. 




Will Biotin Cause My Body Hair to Grow Too?

Biotin will not make your body hair growth longer. Unlike your head hairs, the hairs on your body get a molecular signal to grow to a certain length. This is what keeps us from having to cut and style our arm hair. Similarly, the only hair that biotin thickens on the face are your eyebrows and eyelashes – another added benefit of the supplement. 

Where Can I Buy Biotin Supplements?

You can buy pure biotin at most vitamin stores, drug stores, online, and beauty stores like CVS, Target, Sephora, Duane Reade, or Walgreens. If you are getting a biotin supplement, be aware of the dose and how many mcgs you are getting. 

Biotin supplements are believed by scientists, doctors, and dermatologists to be the most important thing to incorporate into a routine for those suffering from hair loss and hair thinning. Remember, consistency is key for supplement results, especially if you’re trying to find a treatment for your hair loss or hair thinning. 

Try Wholy Dose's biotin supplements that also contain collagen and hyaluronic acid for healthy, strong growing hair – it helps with hair loss and hair thinning.

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