Collagen Powder for Hair Growth? These Before & After Photos Will Make You a Believer

Collagen Powder for Hair Growth? These Before & After Photos Will Make You a Believer

For some, collagen is an often overlooked supplement. While few assume that it does not have much effect on the body, others rave about it’s benefits from skin firming, to hair growth and joint health.

The many benefits collagen include healthy bones and joints, increased skin elasticity, hair and nail support, and a younger, more youthful appearance. While some are skeptical about these claims at first, many become believers in collagen supplements beauty and wellness boosting benefits when they begin to experience results like less wrinkles and longer, healthier and shinier hair in only a few weeks. 

Just taking a look at Instagram tags or reading through hundreds and thousands of reviews will prove to you that millions of women are already believers of collagen because they have seen the results firsthand and know that it works. 

All the images below have credited their new hair growth and hair regrowth to collagen powder supplements, specifically Wholy Dose Beauty Superfood Powder

Collagen Before & After Hair Result Pictures 

Collagen Before And After Hair Growth, Hair Loss


“I've been feeling really confident without makeup lately. Wholy Dose collagen changed my life. I was also balding and had hurting bones from a vegan diet that didn’t suit me. I dedicated 1 month to using Wholy Dose daily and saw immediate results. My hair grew back, skin began to clear and glow, stomach felt better, and my bones hurt less. I take Wholy Dose as a daily supplement now in my morning coffee or with a Matcha Latte. I will continue to use it because I can’t stop getting compliments of my glowing skin and great hair! It’s the best I’ll never take another collagen again.”

Collagen Before And After Hair Growth, Balding and Hair Thinning


"I have been taking Wholy Dose collagen for 2 months now and love it. During the first few weeks I saw a very big improvement in my hair and nail growth. My skin feels stronger and I see less notable wrinkle lines on my forehead and under my eyes. I used to be a vegetarian and eat little meat here and there and have struggle to integrate protein into my diet. Wholy Dose has been the perfect solution because I get my protein with 1 scoop in the morning. The joints in my knees feel stronger and I feel much better in my overall health."

Collagen Before And After Eyebrow Growth Thickening


"As someone who has had a lifelong struggle with skin issues, I've tried a LOT of supplements and topical products in my days. I'm astonished and thrilled with my [Wholy Dose] results. With just 2 months of use, I've seen drastic improvements in my skin texture, color, elasticity, and fine lines. As a Naturopathic Doctor [and a doctor who used to specialize in dermatology], cleanly sourced ingredients are a must, and Wholy Dose Checks all of my boxes!"

Before and after pictures showcase eyebrow growth (along with skin texture and scarring improvements) following a six week period of daily use of collagen supplements. 

Collagen Before And After Eyebrow Growth Thickening


“[Since I have taken collagen peptides supplements], I no longer fill in my eyebrows as much since they're continuing to grow thicker, my eyelashes grew longer where I can curl them now. My nails hardly break now, digestion has improved, and immune system strengthened greatly where I no longer get sick frequently throughout the year.”

What Is Collagen?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body. It is a major structural protein that strengthens the tissues within your body, supporting hydration, firming of the skin, metabolism, gut health, and more. What many don’t know is that starting in our 20s, our body’s natural collagen production begins to decrease by one-percent each year. Incorporating a collagen supplement into your diet is how to combat this decline, further promoting optimal health and beauty benefits. However, consistency is key. Using collagen every day will unlock the best results. Other smaller sources of collagen can be found in a regular diet of collagen rich foods such as fish and bone broth. Extra sleep at night also helps to maintain the body’s collagen levels. 

What Is The Best Collagen For Hair Growth?

There is no shortage of collagen products that promise to improve your hair growth and recover from hair loss – but with all this in mind, you might find yourself asking which one actually works?

Naturopathic doctor, Dr. Melizza Anzelone describes collagen as an essential building block for strong hair. She explains further, “it provides proteins and amino acids to make keratin, which is the protein that constructs your hair. Collagen promotes scalp elasticity and moisture. Preserving collagen stored in the scalp helps maintain healthy hair growth.”

So if you’re hoping to grow your hair, start with adding collagen into your diet. There are many brands out there like Nutrafol, Vital Proteins, and Garden of Life, that all claim to be best.  

When looking for the best, top collagen supplement, get one that will actually deliver hair growth and regrowth results. Start with a product that is top-quality sourced and contains clinically-proven collagen like Wholy Dose, which uses top-quality, clinically-proven collagen combined with other potent hair-growing ingredients like biotin, and is doctor and nutritionist approved. 

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