Your health and well-being have always been our top priority, and we’re continuing to deliver quality products without comprising your safety. You may have concerns regarding the coronavirus and want to answer any questions you may have below.

We are still taking orders and delivering directly to your door. Our dedicated team has implemented extra precautionary measures throughout each step of the production process – sourcing of ingredients, packaging, fulfillment, operations – while maintaining the integrity of each process.

All Wholy Dose products are manufactured in the United States in an FDA-regulated facility to ensure the highest standards for safety, hygiene, and sanitation. We are in close contact with our vendors about their safety practices.

Our team is working remotely from home and is readily available to continue to offer high standards of customer service.

We’re sharing helpful tips for you to stay healthy, happy, and whole during these extraordinary times. You can access these tips by signing up for our newsletter below or following along on our social media pages. If there’s certain educational information you’d like us to share to maintain your health (inside and out), give us a shoutout at or send us a message on Instagram. Let us know how we can help you.

It’s always been our mission to provide you with quality supplementation to enrich, not only your beauty, but also your health. Our powders are also effective in boosting your health and building your immune system:

  • Collagen lines your GI tract (stomach), resulting in better gut and a boost to immunity. Your gut health is responsible for your overall health, including how you feel (mood + stress), which also plays a critical role in your overall health.

  • Our other key ingredient, horsetail, is known to reduce inflammation, additionally aiding in the maintenance of your immunity.

  • An added ingredient, Matcha, is packed with antioxidants, chlorophyll and nutrients to help boost immunity by aiding in central areas responsible for supporting health.

We will continue to closely monitor news and updates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO).

Be well, stay healthy, and don’t forget to nourish your health.


With Love,
Wholy Dose Team