Talent Hack | A Dose for a Better You

Talent Hack | A Dose for a Better You


"Unlike other superfoods on the market, this line doesn't make any promises it can't keep. Instead, it promises what it can: Delicious, easy-to-include-in-your-day enhancements that helps you maintain energy, encourage elasticity, improve skin quality, and rebuild muscle. WHAT. OK. Sold. Let's try this stuff.

So I did. And, it's legit. Not only can you add the powders to just about anything, but the flavored ones are SO good. Like, surprisingly good. No aftertaste here, people. After trying for a bit, I needed to learn more to share with all of you. Sitting down with Gina, I not only better understand the story behind WD, but how it can improve #fitlife from the inside, out."

Kerry: To all the fitness instructors out there, how does WD support their active lifestyle?

Gina: Collagen contains 18 out of the 20 amino acids. The amino acids found in collagen, particularly glycine and glutamine, help do things like boost metabolism, promote healthy muscle growth, regenerate muscle tissue, support bone and joint health, increase lean muscle mass, repair and maintain the gut barrier, and help the digestive system break down fats. All of our base ingredients help boost immunity (which is a must for staying on track with your health and fitness regimen), aids with bone support, and converts food into energy production.

Interestingly, people tend to find collagen more filling and satisfying than other protein powders such as whey. In addition to this, I’ve had Wholy Dose users tell me they love our products for pre-workouts or post-workouts because it doesn’t make them bloated as pea or whey does. Also, something to note is that collagen isn’t a complete protein since it contains eight out of the nine essential amino acids.

Kerry O’Grady is the "it girl" for real talk on NYC fitlife. She was a wellness magazine director turned full-time NYU public relations professor and is a community blogger for Talent Hack. Kerry has been appeared on ABC and Fox, and featured in The Washington Post and The New York Times, to name a few.

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