Lavender Matcha Latte Recipe

Lavender Matcha Latte Recipe

Lavender Latte Recipe



– 1 serving, Wholy Dose MATCHA Superpowder or Ceremonial Matcha Powder

– 1 handful of dried lavender

– 1 cup of warm oat milk (or milk of choice) 

– 1 cup of sugar or sweetener of choice (optional)

– Hot water


1. Add lavender, water, and sugar into a pot – bring to a boil

2. Let the lavender mixture steep for 30 minutes

3. Use a cheesecloth or strainer to separate the lavender buds – store the completed simple syrup in a reusable jar and set aside

4. Combine Wholy Dose matcha powder, hot water, and oat milk in a blender, blend on high (you can also blend the matcha powder with hot water using a frother, then stir in milk)

5. Pour the matcha mixture over ice

6. Stir in desired amount of lavender syrup

7. Enjoy!

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