Fundera | How to Start a Business in College

Fundera | How to Start a Business in College

How to Start a Business in College: 11 Tips From Those Who’ve Done It

Gina Holzer, the founder and CEO of Wholy Dose, started her own business both in high school and in college. Here is her advice for starting a business in college:

“My top advice is to utilize any available time outside of school to work on your business. Time is already limited, but when you have classes, homework, and exams in addition to starting your own business, it can be that much harder to find time and easier to procrastinate. So, it’s extremely important to allocate time to work on your business, even if that means it’s only for 15 minutes or reducing time spent with friends.”

Gina Holzer of Wholy Dose also suggests that you harness the power of your circle to grow and improve your business:

“Don’t forget to network with classmates and professors… It can be beneficial in the long run to have a social life on campus and make real connections…”

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