Tropical Mango Collagen Smoothie

Tropical Mango Collagen Smoothie

A refreshing tropical smoothie that will leave you glowing and feeling refreshed, especially on those warm summer days. Made with Wholy Dose Unflavored Superpowder for a beauty and health boost.


– 1 scoop or packet, Wholy Dose Unflavored Superpowder
– 1/2-1, ripe banana
– 2 handful, frozen mango
– 1 handful, frozen pineapple
– 1/2 tsp, coconut oil (if you love coconut, add more)
– 1 cup, milk of choice (great with almond, oat, cashew, or coconut milk)


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender
2. Blend on high, until smooth
3. Sip and enjoy

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