Blueberry Pomegranate Tonic (Keto-Friendly Option)

Blueberry Pomegranate Tonic (Keto-Friendly Option)

This fun, refreshing drink is great to enjoy as a mocktail or when you're craving sweets on your ketogenic diet. Made with BEAUTY TONIC Superpowder, it’ll give your beauty and health an extra, vitalizing boost.


– 1 packet, Wholy Dose BEAUTY TONIC Superpowder

– 4-6, fresh mint leaves

– 1 small handful, fresh blueberries 

– 1 wedge, lime 

– 1-2 tsp, agave or sweetener of choice (for keto: omit altogether or use a keto-friendly sweetener like monk fruit)

– 1 cup, water

– Splash of sparkling water for spritz (optional)

– Ice (optional) 


1. Add BEAUTY TONIC Superpowder to a glass of water

2. Stir well until completely dissolved, set aside

3. Muddle mint leaves and blueberries, add to glass

4. Squeeze lime and add agave 

5. Stir, until evenly mixed

6. Pour over ice (optional)

7. Add a splash of sparkling water (optional)

8. Sip and enjoy

* To remove excess pulp and leaves, use a strainer

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