CR Fashion Book | The Best-Tasting Beauty Supplements

CR Fashion Book | The Best-Tasting Beauty Supplements

“No matter how many creams and serums you apply, a fully optimized skincare routine isn't complete without supplements. Going beyond skin-deep, these ingestible additions help nourish and repair the skin from within, targeting beauty concerns like dehydrated or dull skin, breakouts, or sun damage. Now, many skincare supplements are offered in powders, tonics, and gummies that provide a tasty alternative to swallowing those intimidatingly large multivitamins. 

Here, CR Fashion Book rounds up 10 of the best-tasting beauty supplements to help you get your glow on.”


Wholy Dose, BEAUTY TONIC Superpowder

“This pomegranate elixir brightens and tightens skin from the inside out. The marine collagen-based formula targets fine lines and wrinkles, while biotin and horsetail herb thicken hair and strengthen nails. The fruity supplement goes well with sparkling water, lemonade, ice tea, or other refreshing beverages.”

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