8 Anti-Aging Tips For Skincare In Your 40s and 50s

8 Anti-Aging Tips For Skincare In Your 40s and 50s


While eye serums, wrinkle creams, and other anti-aging skincare products can help reverse signs of aging, in order to create a truly effective anti-aging skincare routine you need healthy skincare habits. 

Healthy skin care care habits can result in the following anti-aging benefits: 

– Prevention and clearing of blotchy complexion

– Retention of youthful and firm skin

– Reduced fine lines and wrinkles

– Younger, brighter looking skin

– Avoiding leathery skin

– Reducing the risk of skin cancer

– Smoother, tighter skin

Below are healthy skincare habits that can help you create your own anti-aging skincare routine.

8 Skincare Tips for Anti-Aging Benefits

1. Protect your skin from sun exposure

Every anti-aging skincare plan includes this step. The sun’s rays break down levels of collagen in the skin, causing it to age more rapidly. This process of aging is called “photoaging.” 

In order to prevent premature aging and protect skin from harmful UV Rays, dermatologist recommend these tips:

– Stay in the shade: Seek shade between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. This is when the suns rays are the most powerful.

– Cover up: Wear a large hat, pants, and long sleeves whenever possible. Gloves can also help to reduce signs of aging on hands, such as age spots – while sugglesses reduce fine lines around the eyes and forehead. 

– Apply sunscreen: Wear sunscreen everyday before going outdoors, while applying the sunscreen especially to areas that clothing does not cover. Find a sunscreen that includes broad-spectrum protection of 30 SPF or high, and is water resistant.

2. Do not indoor tan

Tanning beds and indoor sun lamps expose your skin to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, just like the sun. These rays accelerate aging in the skin and can lead to other harmful skin conditions. 

3. Moisturize every day

As your skin ages, it becomes dryer and can result in fine lines and wrinkles. Moisture works to trap in water to the skin barrier, resulting in a more youthful appearance. For premium moisture, apply a facial moisturizer, along with a body moisturizer and lip balm.  

4. Cleanse twice a day

Washing your face can affect your skin. For best anti-aging result, cleanser your face with warm water and a gentle cleanser rather than harsh soap that strips the skin barrier. Also avoid excessively scrubbing the skin as to cause further irritation, sagging, and wrinkles. 

5. Eat healthy food

A healthy diet works to create healthy skin. Eat plenty of fruit, vegetables, lean proteins, and healthy fats that nourish your body and your skin. Certain foods like celery and watermelon are full of water content which can help keep you and your skin hydrated and healthy.




6. Take a skin supplement

Diet alone cannot reverse signs of aging. Taking a supplement however is effective in. boosting your skin health by helping to supplement your body’s deplenished nutrient levels that contribute to aging.

Collagen peptide supplements are effective in helping to reduce wrinkles and smooth out your skin. Try a collagen supplement that contains other ingredients like silica and biotin to maximize the anti-aging benefits further to also improve your hair, nails, and overall health – like Wholy Dose beauty powders.

7. Get your beauty sleep

Sleep is a vital process for allowing your skin to heal and replenish itself. Be sure to get enough sleep in order to give your skin the time it needs to be healthy, especially those dark eye circles.

8. Quit smoking

Tobacco contains toxins that leads to dull, dry complexion, loss of firmness, premature lines and wrinkles, or leathery skin. This is also known as smoker’s face. 

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