Cacao Coconut Latte

Cacao Coconut Latte

This decadent latte is deliciously chocolatey with hints of coconut and will warm you right up. Made with CACAO Beauty Superfood Powder, it contains antioxidants, marine collagen, biotin and silica to boost your beauty, health, and well-being from within.

Serves: 1


– 1 scoop, Wholy Dose CACAO Beauty Superfood Powder

– 1 cup, warm oat milk (or milk of choice) 

– 1 tbsp, coconut butter

– 1 tbsp, honey or sweetener of choice (add more or less depending on your preference for sweetness, or omit all together)


1. Combine all ingredients in a blender

2. Blend on high, until smooth

3. Sip and enjoy

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