Green Delight Collagen Smoothie Recipe

Green Delight Collagen Smoothie Recipe

Looking for an easy to make, enjoyable green smoothie recipe?

Try this homemade green smoothie recipe by our founder – a favorite that’s so good, you might blend up a second one. It’s an easy, healthy smoothie recipe that contains an abundance of protein, vitamin C, and nutrients to keep your immune system strong, skin glowing, hair healthy, and energy sustained.

Serves: 1-2


– 1 scoop or packet, Wholy Dose UNFLAVORED Beauty Superfood Powder 

– 1 cup, almond or soy milk (or your milk of choice)

– 1 handful, kale or spinach

– 1 small handful, frozen mango

– 1 small handful, frozen pear (you can buy fresh pears and cut into smaller pieces to freeze)

– 1, ripe banana (fresh or frozen)

– 1 tbsp, almond butter (or more)


1. Combine all ingredients

2. Blend on high until smooth 

3. Enjoy in bliss

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